Wolcott Builders' Promise

We are thorough. 

We work very hard in estimating a project so that we include all potentially hidden costs. We work closely with the architect to clarify any questions in the plans, and can often offer suggestions for savings to the homeowner. We verify our estimate against previous completed projects whenever possible. Other than real 'unknowns' such as well-drilling costs, buried rock at the site, or renovations revealing significant problems hidden in the walls, we have confidence that our estimates fully cover all costs.


We are fair. 

We do our best to ensure that our billings are straightforward and accurate, that we address any and all concerns in a timely manner, and that any changes to the scope of work are clearly documented. We provide a monthly spreadsheet showing progress made versus costs incurred. Our detailed descriptions of work completed can be helpful for your bank and/or insurance company. We follow closely NYS laws regarding placement of deposits in escrow and release of liens statements from subcontractors.


We are safe. 

We follow NYS building code and safety laws. We make sure that all employees and subcontractors on the job are fully insured, and we keep the job-site clean and safe, with a job supervisor present at all times.


We are available. 

We work on local projects, as do all our subcontractors, so we won't disappear when the work is completed. We guarantee complete satisfaction to all our customers, and have developed strong on-going relationships with previous clients. We'll be there to help with future projects or concerns, even five or ten years into the life of your house.


We care. 

We understand that building a custom home is a major, unique, and at times disruptive event in the homeowner's life and we do our best to reduce the stress involved. There are many decisions to be made, and we work closely with you and your architects to ease the pressure, avoid confusion regarding costs, and avoid delays in construction. Our goal is to make the experience a positive one, to help you smoothly through the decision-making process, and to ultimately create the perfect home for you and your family.

We hope this website is helpful in portraying the kind of quality in construction and service that we regularly deliver. We are happy to provide references from clients and architects upon request. While we may not offer the lowest price, we believe we offer the highest value, the wisest investment, and the most satisfaction for your beautiful new home.

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Michael Walsh & Sara Wolcott Weinberg